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DEFINITION OF A FOB: A FOB is part of a keyless entry system, and is an electronic lock that controls access to a building without using a traditional mechanical key.

FOB Rules Unanimously passed by the Board of Directors on July 11, 2013
Effective Date July 12, 2013

These Rules summarize the procedures for distributing, securing and maintaining FOBs for opening the main entrance doors, front and back, and loading deck T-Level.

FOB in these Rules refers to the magnetic device that CT uses in conjunction with a proximity reader to open electronic door locks.

These Rules describe the responsibilities of the CT Management and Staff and Unit Owners in the distribution and safekeeping of FOBs to ensure a safe and secure environment for all residents and their guests.

Security provided is directly related to the number of issued FOBs. The aim of this Rule is to issue the fewest number possible of FOBs while ensuring a reasonable accessibility to all residents.

CT Management under the direction of the CT Board of Directors is the only Agent authorized to manage (issue, program, activate and deactivate) the FOB System.

Management will issue FOBs to unit owners only, as follows:

  • One-Bedroom Unit a maximum of 2 FOBs;
  • Two-Bedroom Unit a maximum of 3 FOBs;
  • Three-Bedroom Unit a maximum of 4 FOBs.
  • FOBs will be activated only for each owner or resident living in the unit.
  • FOBs are not transferable
  • Non-resident owners who have rented their units; must provide a copy of a lease agreement within 30 days from the effective date of these Rules. Thereafter, owners must provide lease agreements to Management prior to the tenant’s occupancy. All tenants must register with Management prior to occupancy. For units with current tenants, a current lease must be filed with the front desk before any FOBs are provided. FOBs will only be given to unit owners and it is the responsibility of unit owner’s to provide the FOBs to their tenants.
  • Management will maintain a record of the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all owners, tenant(s) and CT staff who have taken possession of FOBs along with corresponding identification numbers.
  • Management will conduct an annual review and verify all FOBs.
  • FOBs not used for a period of six months will be deactivated.
  • A letter to the owner will be sent to notify that his/her FOB has been deactivated. Any legitimately owned FOB that has been deactivated may, upon Management review and approval, have their FOB reactivated at no cost.
  • Management may suspend use of any FOB as a security measure without notice.
  • Lost or stolen FOBs can be replaced at a cost of $35.00 each (Checks or money orders made to CT Condominium, NO cash accepted).
  • Unit owners living in their units can buy up to two extra FOBs for $35.00 dollars each (Checks or money orders made to CT Condominium, NO cash accepted).
  • Management will take all reasonable steps to keep FOBs data confidential.

Responsibilities of Owners
  • Owners are responsible for:
  • The safekeeping of FOBs
  • Unit owners must report the loss of FOBs immediately to the Management office, so that appropriate security measures may be taken. Residents may use the intercom access in the event their FOB is inactive as a short term measure only.
  • Ensuring that strangers do not enter the building when the main entrance door is open.
  • Defective, damaged, or seriously worn FOBs should be returned to CT Management for replacement.

Responsibilities of CT Staff
  • Electronic FOBs are the sole property of CT Condominium and are issued to eligible employees on a need to have basis. The FOB holder is personally responsible for it.
  • Employees to whom FOBs are issued are prohibited from loaning the FOB to any other person.
  • Lost, stolen, or misplaced FOBs must be reported immediately to the Manager so they can be deactivated from the system and replaced. Failure to report lost, stolen or misplaced FOBs may result in disciplinary action.
  • Employees who terminate employment must turn in his/her FOB immediately to the Manager.
  • Employees violating the CT Condominium FOBs rule are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.
  • Contractors will continue using the intercom access and signing the log book at the front desk leaving their Driver’s license when checking-in and picking it up after front desk staff verifies that contractors did not leave trash in elevators, halls or loading deck.

CT Board of Directors
Corey Lang, President; Andrew Kiang, Vice President; Marc Seidman, Treasurer; Bernice Bernstein, Secretary; Louis P. Solomon, Member at Large

These Rules were adopted under the provisions of Md. Code Ann., Real Prop. § 11-111.

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