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New Parking Rules

[Adopted and in effect as of 11 December 2014]

1. All Residents must register their vehicles and license plate numbers with the front desk. Parking stickers will be issued for each vehicle. Proof of valid registration is required to obtain a sticker. The sticker is to be placed in the rear window of a car or other four-wheel vehicle. The sticker on motorcycles should be affixed to the rear fender. The parking sticker must be displayed at all times while parked on Chelsea property. Parking stickers will not be issued to any Resident if (a) the Owner of a unit is delinquent in the payment of any amounts due to the Association, (b) a lease for the rental of any Unit has not been given to the Building Manager, (c) a copy of the settlement sheet, deed or other evidence of ownership for any Owner has not been given to the Building Manager, or (d) a completed Unit Owner/Resident Information Form has not been given to the Building Manager.

2. If any guest or visitor will be parking on the parking lot overnight, the visitor/guest must obtain a guest/visitor parking permit from the front desk personnel which must be displayed in the front window of any guest/visitor vehicle which will be parked on the Building parking lot overnight. All overnight guests/visitors must park only in the area of the parking lot designated and marked with overnight visitor signs.

3. Short-term guests or visitors, including housekeepers, home health care aides, real estate agents, etc., may park in empty spaces on the parking lot (subject to the other parking restrictions described),
however, each Resident should require that any guest or visitor, who is expected to be parked on the parking lot later than 7:00 p.m. or for evening events in the Community Room, park his or her car in an area of the parking lot that is not close to the Building so that permanent Residents will have preferred access to the Building entry doors.

4. Certain parking spaces may be marked for contractor use during certain times indicated on signs for those spaces. Residents or visitors (other than overnight guests/visitors) may park in those spaces only during the times those spaces are not specified as being reserved for contractors.

5. Parking in areas designated for snow piling is prohibited if heavy snow is forecast or if the area is marked with cones.

6. Residents and guests may not park in covered spaces without the consent of the owner or renter of the space.

7. Vehicles may not be left unattended in the driveway leading to the loading dock for longer than 20 minutes.

8. Vehicles may not be left unattended for any period of time in the fire lane driveway in front of the main entrance.

9. Vehicles may not be parked in the parking spaces posted with “15 Minute Parking Only” signs for more than 15 minutes.

10. Vehicles may not be parked in areas posted with “No Parking” signs and/or crosshatch markings on the pavement.

11. No Resident or guest may park in spaces marked for Staff parking.

12. Only Residents or guests displaying a current handicap hang tag or license plate may park in the handicapped parking spaces. Any vehicle parked in a handicapped space and not displaying a current handicap hang tag or license plate may be towed without notice at the vehicle owner’s risk and expense.

13. Motorcycles may only be parked on the motorcycle parking pad. The owner of any motorcycle who does not park his or her motorcycle on the motorcycle pad may be held liable for repairs to the asphalt.

Parking Rules Contained in By-Laws:

14. No junk, inoperable or partially dismantled vehicle or other vehicle on which current registration plates and stickers are not displayed shall be kept on any Common Elements.

15. No trailer, truck, commercial vehicle, camper, camper truck, house trailer, boat or the like shall be kept upon any Common Elements without approval of the Board of Directors; provided however that the Board of Directors may, in its discretion, designate areas for the keeping of such vehicles.

16. No vehicle may remain parked and unmoved in any one parking space for more than 21 continuous days without the consent of the Board of Directors or Building Manager. If any Resident will be away for more than 21 days, the Resident must notify the Building Manager. The Building Manager will tell the Resident where the Resident’s vehicle may be parked during the time the Resident is away.

17. With the exception of minor maintenance, no repair or extraordinary maintenance of automobiles or other vehicles shall be performed upon any Common Element.

Disclaimer of Liability and Enforcement:

18. The Association assumes no responsibility for any damage to any vehicle parked or operated on Chelsea property. Residents shall be held liable for any expenses incurred by the Association as a result of any damage to Chelsea property by the use, repair or maintenance of their vehicle, or as a result of negligence, whether on the part of the owner, his family, tenants, guests or agents.

19. The Association may relocate a vehicle within the parking area without prior notice to the vehicle owner when moving the vehicle is necessary to plow or move snow or to repair the parking lot, however the front desk personnel will first attempt to contact the vehicle owner prior to such relocation. The cost of any such relocation will be at the expense of the Resident or owner of the vehicle.

20. Vehicles parked in violation of any of the parking rules are subject to immediate towing from, or relocation on, the parking lot at the vehicle owner’s risk and expense.

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