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On 20 June 2011 a Montgomery County Police Officer visited our Community Room. That officer gave a very interesting and informative talk on our personal safety.
THEFT FROM OUR VEHICLES. The officer said we always should lock our vehicles whenever we leave them unattended even for a minute or two. She said it is surprising how many thefts result from unlocked, unattended vehicles.

The officer also cautioned against leaving groceries or anything else of value in easy view from the outside of the vehicle, such as on the seats, on the floor, or on the dashboard. In particular, she cautioned against leaving GPSs in easy view and even if we take our GPSs with us or keep them in our glove boxes, we should be sure to wipe off the marks left on our windshields or dashboards or wherever we have them attached when in use.

PARKING LOT SAFETY. The officer stressed the importance of being alert when we are walking to or from our parked vehicles—or generally any time we are walking alone, day or night. We should be aware of who is around us. Women should carry their handbags close to their bodies, preferably under their arms. Apparently shoulder bags are easy prey for thieves.

REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITIES. Any time we see anyone in our parking lot or even in the building who looks as if he or she doesn’t belong there, we should report it to the Police Department. They would rather respond to an unwarranted suspicious report than for any of us to be a victim of theft or physical harm. I pointed out that when I wake up in the middle of the night, I always walk to my balcony window, sometimes out onto my balcony which overlooks the parking lot in the rear of the building, to look for any suspicious person or activity. The officer said that is a good idea.

I asked the officer what number we should call when we have something that is not an emergency. I asked this because I recently was rear ended by a bus when driving my car. I didn’t know whether or not I should have called 911. The officer said it would have been ok to call 91l, but the better number is 301-279-8000. Of course most of us won’t remember that numbe, so she suggested we put it in our cell phones or keep it in our billfolds or purses.

All in all, the meeting was very interesting and informative and Doreen should be commended for arranging it. The officer left some pamphlets for us and I am sure some of them are available at the front desk, or that Doreen can get extra copies for anyone who wants them.

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A First Grade teacher took her class to the local Police Department for a tour. The Police Sergeant showed the class around and paused to show them the pictures of the 10 most wanted criminals. 6-year-old Jimmy pointed to one picture and said ‘Do you really want to catch him?’ The Sergeant said ‘We sure do, son; he is the one we want to catch most of all.’ Jimmy thought a few seconds, then said “Then why the heck didn’t you keep him here when you took his picture?’