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Our small community at Chelsea Tower is international, and residents are made up of all ages and interests. There are young families with children, working families, and retired families. The variation in their backgrounds provides an interesting and enjoyable atmosphere. Residents have experience in a variety of areas that range from international to local subjects.
The two additional pages are available for all who are interested in discussions launched and supported by people interested in Chelsea Tower. One page is **Talk of the Tower. It is available under theOur Community tab. The second page is ****Talk of the Tower (Owners Only). It is available under the CT Documents Tab, and then under the **Password Entry Tab. For those Owners who wish to participate on either page please send me your information and I will post it. Please specify which **Talk of the Tower page you wish to use. If you wish to see all the pages in the entire web site, please contact the web master (go to the Contacts Tab) and send me a request for a PassWord.
Purpose of the Ad Hoc Committees: Help people, both Unit Owners and Renters, become involved in the operations of Chelsea Tower and make it a more enjoyable living environment. The committees, with some exceptions, are open to all interested Owners and Renters at Chelsea Tower. All discussions with the CT Board for support, if needed, will be held at the monthly Board Meetings, or under unusual circumstances, at special meetings. Meetings of the individual Ad Hoc Committees will be scheduled as the members feel is appropriate. NOTE:Some Committees will be restricted to Unit Owners Only.

If you wish to be involved with one or more groups please contact any of the members of the group, or, send a message to and he will provide you with your desired contact information.
Neighborhood News provides information that is published by Montgomery County.