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Ad Hoc Committees for Chelsea Tower

Purpose of the Ad Hoc Committees: Help people, both Unit Owners and Renters, become involved in the operations of Chelsea Tower and make it a more enjoyable living environment.

The committees, with some exceptions, are open to all interested Owners and Renters at Chelsea Tower. All discussions with the CT Board for support, if needed, will be held at the monthly Board Meetings, or under unusual circumstances, at special meetings. Meetings of the individual Ad Hoc Committees will be scheduled as the members feel is appropriate.
NOTE: Some Committees will be restricted to Unit Owners Only.

If you wish to be involved with one or more groups please contact any of the members of the group, or, send a message to and he will provide you with your desired contact information.

Finance and Budget Committee

Deals with Budget preparation and financial issues that arise in any operational or projected area of interest.
Possible Committee Members as of 24 May 2014: P. T. Venugopal, Megan O'Toole, Farhad Niami, June Tuman, and Greg Davis

Reserve Study Committee

Reconsiders the existing Downey Reserve Study and makes editions and alterations as required. It has as a basic goal the implementation of a new and current Reserve Study.
Possible Committee Members as of 24 May 2014: Finance and Budget Committee, Jim Komosinski, and John Jgharib

Lobby Committee

Participate with ideas and support for the redesign of the Main Lobby.
Possible Committee Members as of 24 May 2014: Bernice Bernstein, Pat Hill, Carmen Davis, and John Jgharib

Helpful Hints for living at Chelsea Towers

This committee would provide general assistance on relatively small issues. For example, provide guidance to unit owners on how to clean the sliding rails of the sliding doors. Dirt accumulates and makes it harder and harder to open them. In addition, general support for people who need minor assistance with their equipment. When water heaters break catastrophically there is damage to all the apartments below. This is expensive and irritating for all. The state of the water heaters in all apartments should be considered with recommendations for replacement. In addition, in an emergency of any kind related to water, the operation of the Water Cut-Off Valves is critical to keep damage at a minimum. They all need to be examined and replaced as appropriate. Further the need for painting the balcony panels and balcony handrails also should be considered. Another issue is the persistent smoke and odors that permeate the hallways in the vicinity of apartments inhabited by heavy smokers. This can be easily controlled through the use of winterizing procedures for their front doors.
Possible Committee Members as of 24 May 2014: Eugenie Hershaft

Safety through Surveillance in and around Chelsea Tower

We have areas of the building and parking lots which are not currently adequately or continually surveyed. This is easy to accomplish using wireless cameras. They all would connected to the existing Wi-Fi system. All that is needed is a Wireless Router, and power for the individual cameras. The system will take up to 32 cameras. They work all the time, both during the day and at night. They are very inexpensive. In addition they keep records of all they record in the event of a dispute.
Possible Committee Members as of 24 May 2014: Uzi Grindler, and Louis P Solomon

Fitness Room Committee

The fitness room is a major source of exercise and enjoyment by the residents of Chelsea Tower. The committee will make every effort to maintain that position.
Possible Committee Members as of 24 May 2014: Plamena Kirova

Social Committee

This group will plan and implement a variety of social functions at Chelsea Tower.
Possible Committee Members as of 24 May 2014: Doris Lee, Bernice Bernstein, Tin Tin Raschid, and Koko Wittenburg

Landscaping of Chelsea Tower

We live in a beautiful area of Montgomery County. Among the talented and devoted gardeners there is considerable enthusiastic discussion about how our landscaping could be even better than it is.
Possible Committee Members as of 24 May 2014: Greg Davis
The CT Landscape Committee "CTLC" is looking for a few members with experience in landscaping. Our first step will be to set design and business guidelines for the project and obtain a scaled drawing of the property.  Please contact Greg Davis at if you are interested.


A group devoted to organizing games to be support during the afternoons and sometimes the evenings. This could include bridge, poker, mahjong, rummy-q, and others.
Possible Committee Members as of 24 May 2014: NO ONE YET!

Parking at Chelsea Tower

The distribution of parking spaces in the Chelsea Tower Parking Lot does not meet the expectations and needs of the Unit Owners. This issue needs to be discussed, and a detailed program for allocation and distribution of the parking spaces needs to be obtained from this committee.
Possible Committee Members as of 24 May 2014: Priss Reed, Diane Fox, Paula Horowitz, and Barbara Machado

Welcome and Sunshine Committee

This committee will make sure that all new members of the CT Community (both new resident Unit Owners and new renters) will be welcomed to the community. They will tell new residents about the facilities that are available in CT, and the rules that relate to dress, behavior, garbage disposal, and other such items. This committee will also post notices of illness or death in the community and send cards when appropriate.
Possible Committee Members as of 24 May 2014: NO ONE YET!