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ChelseaTowerCondominium-Bethesda MD USA
This web site is available to all interested parties. Some detailed information is password protected. If you are the Owner of a Chelsea Tower condominium and wish to see this information, please contact the Webmaster and request access. There is an email contact (Louis Solomon) at the bottom of the page.
Neighborhood News is being added to the ChelseaTCondo web site. Please look at the Our Community page, and then select **Neighborhood News. In addition, there are four Walking Trail Maps in Cabin John, near Chelsea Tower located on the Maps page.
There are THREE new pages that have been added to the Chelsea Tower. The first page is about the Ad Hoc Committees that are trying to be active at Chelsea Tower. This page and all the information is found under Our Community, and then **Ad Hoc Committees. The two additional pages are available for all who are interested in discussions launched and supported by people interested in Chelsea Tower. One page is **Talk of the Tower. It is available under the Our Community tab. The second page is ****Talk of the Tower (Owners Only). It is available under the CT Documents Tab, and then under the **Password Entry Tab. For those Owners who wish to participate on either page please send me your information and I will post it. Please specify which **Talk of the Tower page you wish to use. If you wish to see all the pages in the entire web site, please contact the web master (go to the Contacts Tab) and send me a request for a PassWord.
Chelsea Tower Condominium is a high-rise building with 15 residential floors and a Terrace Level, which has a fitness room, men's and women's locker rooms and saunas, bicycle storage rooms, a Community Room, storage rooms, and various mechanical rooms. A large swimming pool and two tennis courts are for use by residents and their guests. There is a NO pets policy in effect.

Built in 1979 and converted to condominiums in 1983, Chelsea Tower consists of 89 one-bedroom units, 119 two-bedroom units, and 30 three-bedroom units, a few of which have been converted into deluxe two-bedroom units. All of the two-and three-bedroom units have two full baths. Each unit has its own separate hot water heater and separate air conditioning and heating system, a kitchen that will accommodate a table and chairs, and a generous-sized balcony. In addition—

Assigned, covered parking spaces are available for 45 of the 238 apartments.
Clean, up-to-date Laundry Rooms with washers and dryers on located each floor.
A Dumpster is available in the loading dock area.
Comcast cable is available as well as Verizon FIOS.
Separate storage lockers are assigned to each apartment.

Disclaimer: This in an unofficial web site about the Chelsea Tower Condominium, located in Bethesda MD. This site is sponsored and developed by Louis P. Solomon and is not sponsored, paid for, or endorsed by any part of the Chelsea Tower Condominium Home Owners Association, or their employees.